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4th July 2020
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We know the score, you don’t just give out the Scouts activity badges like sweets. They take a bit of effort so any resources that help us reach that goal is welcome in our books. Here are five activity badges that have some extra resources to use.

Astronautics with the UK Space Agency

If Tim Peake becoming a Scout Ambassador hasn’t encouraged our Scouts to reach for the stars then maybe this badge will. The UK Space Agency has loads of activities that link into the Astronautics badge such as a space menu and creating planet scapes.

Plus lots of videos of astronauts at work on the International Space Station and extra activities from Make Do Share there for you.

Blast off at scouts.org.uk/supporters/uk-space-agency

Electronics with the Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET)

From resistors to diodes it can be easy to feel lost when doing this badge but the Institute of Engineering and Technology is here to help. They have a full activity pack that takes you through the entire badge plus lots of activities from Make Do Share to keep you busy and to get your Scouts buzzing.

You can even put this to the test with their virtual Faraday Challenge open to a whole host of ages including Scouts.

Plug in at scouts.org.uk/supporters/iet

Local Knowledge with UK Power Networks

The Local Knowledge badge is all about knowing what is in your community. But rather than just going out and learning all the schools, post offices and shops UK Power Network help our Scouts explore these places by understanding the role electricity has in keeping it all connected.

They have lots of activities covering the badge requirements as well as other aspects of personal safety, the role they play and how we use energy. They can be used for many more badges than this so check them out today.

Get connected at scouts.org.uk/supporters/ukpowernetworks

Mechanic with the British Army

The Army are used to fixing things in a high pressure environment - after all nobody has time for break downs on the front line. So they’ve put together a full activity pack to help our Scouts become confident mechanics.

Plus there are loads of Make Do Share activities to keep you busy and invitations to workshops delivered by the Royal Electrical and Mechanical Emgineers Museum.

Check out the brief at scouts.org.uk/supporters/the-british-army

Survival Skills with Victorinox

The Survival Skills badge is all about survival skills, kits and experience and Victorinox, the makers behind many a Swiss Army Knife, have lots of expertise in that department. They’ve put together a series of activity packs to cover every part of this badge so you’ve got one less thing to worry about.

Plus there are plenty of other Make Do Share activities to keep you and your Scouts busy.

Put it all to the test at scouts.org.uk/supporters/victorinox

There are even more to check out such as Scientist with RollsRoyce and Model Maker with Warhammer and that’s before we mention the Staged Activity badges. Check the full list of partners out at scouts.org.uk/partners.

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