How the programme planning tool can help your troop.

5th July 2020
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Planning and coming up with new activities can be a real chore at times, especially when you’re new to the troop. Thankfully, the team at Gilwell are there to help you out.

The new programme planning tool is the result of years of work that is being added to every day. It’s full of activities and when complete, will have a full three year programme ready to pick up and run with, just perfect for new leaders or troops where you want more Scouts to reach the Chief Scout’s Gold Award. Find it at

Take a pick of your activities.

Ever looked at a badge requirement and had no idea how to deliver it? Or maybe you want a new way of delivering a skill that’s a bit different or less boring.

The programme planning tool can help here as well. The tool is packed full of activities that work towards the badge requirements and often in ways you wouldn’t have thought of first time. Plus for badge requirements these activities are super easy to find. Just find the badge on the scouts website and underneath it is a teal coloured box with loads of activities that you can use for this badge. And these activities keep on growing so you won’t be stuck for choice.

How good are the activities?

The activities include everything you might need to think about including safety messages, reflections, print outs and resources and which groups it works well for. These activities have really come into their own since the coronavirus pandemic as lots can be repurposed easily for the Great Indoors.

And for those who prefer OSM activities then we have good news for you. A lot of these activities are so good they’ve been included in OSM’s activities database as well.

Why not give it a go today.

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